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Looking at life the SIMPLE way

in its essence
is precious.

Many ponder…
on the existence
of afterlife, karma, consequences

Existentialism talks about us
as humans, being in control
it’s a non consequentialist theory

I’m a Christian
and Christians believe in God
who is the creator of living beings

Putting all theory that people made
religions and faith aside

Look at life
just as simple as it is
there’s a beginning
there’s an end

But no one knows when these times will be
It doesn’t matter really
as we should not try to control

Many fear death
I fear it too

From a Christian point of view
Wages of sin is death
So as we live day after day
we give thanks to The Lord our God

From a general viewpoint
Yes, death may be scary
There may be many things
one wish to do, accomplish and succeed in

Rather than being afraid,
Why not seize time?

Life is a time frame
it has a duration
And Time waits for no man !

So, between these two unpredictable yet fixed times
of human existence
I urge you set what you want, i.e. Goals
Live it to the fullest
hopefully let there be no regrets

Grief: In the Memory of my Beloved Grandmother

It’s been two days since my beloved grandmother’s demise.  My days and nights have been difficult.

Thinking about many memorable moments I had with her.  She left my family and I at age 96.  While I would long for her to stay with us for another three or four more years, I know deep in my heart that is not possible.  When she left us on 20th November 2013, Wednesday at 3:33am, we were all by her side.  I was overwhelmed.  She was a strong woman, China woman, known to be very strong and determined.  As I try to adjust to her absence slowly and accept that he has indeed left us, I hope she know that I love her, always, and forever with all my heart.

Out of pure love, I wrote a note on Facebook, in memory of her.  This is to let other relatives and friends who got to know this wonderful woman to know how her last days were like.  I hope she can rest in peace and I pray for her soul fervently every day after her demise.

As days pass by, I hope the pain will gradually lose its power and grip over me.  I’m sure it’s not just me who is grieving, I am certain many who love grandma from the bottom of their hearts feel sad for her passing.

Cause of death was Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or Stroke.  I was glad to know from my Pdoc today that it’s better for her to go than to wake up from the coma shock from her frail condition.

Rest in Peace grandma.

Penning down in grief…