About this blog

First things first, this blog is not written to attract blog views or anything along those lines.

To hide my personal self / life from public view, I decided to import 9 blog posts from my first blog and move them here.  Consequently, the same 9 blog posts were deleted from that blog.  There are just things I do not wish people around me to know, but am willing to pen them down to share with people who will and can understand.

In this blog, it’s just pure emotions, experiences, pain and mental struggles.  You will probably read about my daily struggles with my mind, my emotions… etc.  This is a blog where I pour out most of my stresses in life that I no longer could bear, and instead of writing them on my personal journal, I decide to pen them down here… as I know there are people out there in the world who wants to know that there are also other people suffering, struggling, striving to go through every day.

So, I shall remind you here and now, this blog is going to be my journey through tough times in my life and I hope through my words typed on screen for readers like you to read will somehow inspire you in its unique ways.

Messy Me