Update: My progress and Welcoming the New Year 2015

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Why? Good news as I have been improving through psychotherapy with my therapist. I finally felt so free really, messy mind  is still around, lurking in me once in a while but I am confident I will ride it through.

Family therapy have bee very helpful, it helped me realise I am not the only person in the family facing troubles, I can reach out for their help even though they may not fully understand my inner struggles. 🙂

Indeed it is a bold move trying family therapy from being all ALONE and SUICIDAL for 1 whole year. I guess I have to attribute this to my nature of being resourceful and willing to ask for help (I went for counselling with 7 counsellors prior to my current therapist). Some were one-off cases and 2 were quite long term (17 and 8 sessions respectively). These are all free / minimal fee counselling by the way.

1) I made it through 9 weeks without seeing my psychiatrist. He postponed my appointment suddenly this week but I was able to wait until next week.
2) I took up a job (6 days a week) and am working 7 days a week together with my another Part-time job.
3) I enjoy life better now, blogging, getting all into fashion, beauty, make-up,skincare and manicures!!!
4) I practise mindfulness almost daily and go for hikes every other week.

I feel my Bipolar II or Depression is quite seasonal. I am all good for the first 3 months of the year and then around May – September I will be facing problems, getting all down and depressed, then towards the end of the year I will be fighting my best to get back up on my feet, judging from how I’ve been from years 2013 Jan – 2014 Dec.

I hope you all out there having similar or other mental health problems as I do, will not push away the HOPE that will keep you going, and LIVE FOR TODAY, give yourself lots of L.O.V.E.. I pushed through and saw my improvement. I dare not say recovery as life is always full of ups and downs.

Happy New Year everyone and be happy, laugh, live life and fight on!!

No longer (hopefully) Messy Me

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