Monthly Archives: May 2014

possible BPD?

Today has been a very rough day for me. I feel so so sad.. At first, I was just wanting to finish my assignment in the morning, now I am just very depressed. tomorrow is my birthday. I dont want to feel the same way as I did for the past two years. I feel so upset I feel I cant live with this anymore. One minute I think I am fine and just was faking all of these for drama reason or scripting my own story. I can’t cope with the overwhelming emotions I am feeling. the fucking medications make me so slow that I can’t think well and do my assignment. No one seem to believe me. What can I do??? I feel so lost, so in pain. I want to cry so much..I dont feel well. I dont want to feel this way a day before my birthday.

心情。。(translation: emotions / feelings)

生, 又如何..


我, 越想 越失去方向


心, 跳,

很冷, 很痛, 好折磨

好辛苦的心情, 没人知道



我好想哭了, 却不知到怎么…


心想,心愿,  有能无力.

所有梦想, 理想, 都化成烟.


我累了 我累了