Car Accident

A sleepy morning…

Today was like any other Wednesday, where I head towards my office to work…  But I woke up late as usual and had to rush to work.  The jam on the road always starts at 7:30 am, and I only left my home at 8:10 am…

This morning I had a very difficult time waking up, due to 2 main reasons

  1. Seroquel 200 mg doing its trick — side effect, being extreme drowsiness.   Actually the drowsiness effect diminished as I have taken it for 3 months approx.
  2. I slept really late, with my iPad beside me.. How dangerous isn’t it?

I closed my eyes.

During my drive to work, I had my mum sitting beside me in the passenger seat because I am driving her car.  I was incredibly tired… I closed my eyes several times during the office hour jam.

the Accident

I freaked out.. as I heard a sudden bang.. As I gain consciousness, I realised I knocked onto the vehicle in front of me, it was an Avanza.  I didn’t know what to do.  All I know was I’ve just dozed off and released the brake.

I asked my mum “What to do? Oh my God!!”  She told me to just drive straight, I didn’t understand what she meant by that as I have just knocked onto a big car (MPV).  I was a small tiny Suzuki Alto…

Then, it was not long before the driver of the car in front came down to have a look at her car.  I was afraid because I was still on probationary driving license. If she decides to report me, then I may get demerit(s).

Luckily and Thank God that her MPV did not have any dents / scratches.  It was just a minor hit.  My mum went down and apologise on my behalf.


I don’t know what’s wrong with Seroquel’s action.. Why does it make people so tired and drowsy??? There was once where I almost faint in my room because I couldn’t walk straight.. I had difficulty opening my eyes. lol.. haha

It’s time to drop all that

Well, now that I have reached my office safely, with mum’s assistance (Btw, I didn’t tell her the drowsiness and fatigue were side effects of the medication).  I guess I need to drop all that had happened and focus on my work


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