Taking charge, Bearing responsibility

Too often, indeed too often, I tend to search outside (externally), from other people’s opinions to find out more of Who I Am?  It has always been a dilemma for me, to discover what is (the reality), to understand who I really am and most importantly to decide my at crossroads, at all paths of life.

      It is as though sometimes,

I may have literally but unknowingly “forced” answers out of other people.

These people around me can never give me the right answers,

because my


are all about and surrounding

the topic of

How to live a Life that has

no regrets no mistakes

simply wonderful,  amazing,  and perfect. 

One advantage of asking people to help you make decisions is that when something goes wrong, the responsibility will be on these people you’ve seek help from.  Well, I was afraid, overwhelmed with fear, as I’ve made many decisions that led to horrible consequences in the past.

The truth is “It’s not just Me,  We all have.”

But is it really that way?  Just because taking responsibility of our own decisions in our OWN lives seem devastating, unpredictable, risky or perhaps scary, no one can tell you “The Way” to live a good life.

The only person ever responsible is You alone,

Yes, indeed, Life is Tough,

It’s sometimes Overwhelming,

Awful situations Sucks,

There are times where you’ve run out of Energy

thinking that maybe you should cease the meaningless life of yours,

just like Shakespeare’s poem entitled Life’s Brief Candle

Ultimately it’s up to You,

because it’s Your Life,

you do what you want with it.

From a Christian perspective,

We ought to obey God,

learn to live according to His word.

He gives us the choice too,

to obey or not to obey,

the consequences then,

is for us to bear.

Proverbs 16

We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.

Take Charge of your life, and Bear Responsibilities, which are ultimately yours.  Mistakes and setbacks are bound to happen.  Without them, how would we know what to avoid?  Without them, how do we train ourselves to bounce back quickly from adversities — build resilience?  Just like Thomas Edison, if he didn’t fail many many times, how can we able to have various types of lights today?  Accepting that mistakes are unavoidable and are here so that we can learn will help all of us to walk that first step, courageously and boldly, as we journey down the life-long course called “LIFE”.

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